Boost Cloud Efficiency and Savings with AWS Purchase Plan Optimization

Boost Cloud Efficiency and Savings with AWS Purchase Plan Optimization

I get pumped seeing how Cloud Financial Management helps optimize major AWS discounted pricing programs like Reserved Instances and Savings Plans. By unlocking granular visibility into hourly instance usage and sizes, the service perfectly positions enterprises to maximize these savings programs while improving budget performance. The numbers don’t lie – optimized purchase plans drive cloud costs down dramatically!

For finance admins managing cloud, juggling RI coverage across thousands of instances brutally complicates efforts to minimize AWS bills. And determining the ideal Savings Plans commitment level and term poses endless questions. Cloud Financial Management eliminates the guesswork with ML-powered purchase recommendations based on actual usage.

Spot On Projections and Guidance

Analyzing historical hourly usage data for EC2 and database instances, Cloud Financial Management produces tailored RI and Savings Plans purchase recommendations shaped to an organization’s unique workload patterns and cloud architecture. The system accounts for hourly size variances, auto-scaling needs, and retiring systems to guide the precise discounted commitments that boost savings.

Ongoing tracking shows how closely recommendations match future reality across the enterprise and departments. Tweak models to improve precision with every billing cycle.

Simplified Purchase Execution
Once purchase guidance is set, one-click integrations with AWS Cost Explorer facilitate rapid execution across the standardized catalogs of Saving Plans and over 600 RI instance options. Bulk purchase against recommendations with just a few clicks.

And looking forward, integration on the roadmap with AWS Purchase Manager promises to fully automate discounted plan enrollments based on Cloud Financial Management guidance. I can’t wait to setup optimization on autopilot!

Doubling Down on Savings

Beyond reducing on-demand instance costs, Cloud Financial Management helps enterprises reserve capacity for predicted growth with data-backed precision. Confidently provision RIs aligned to forecasted future resource needs without overspending budgets. This unlocks new projects and innovation faster.

Take advantage of Cloud Financial Management today to tap into powerful analytics optimizing cloud efficiency and savings! Sign up now to preview the service.

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