Reclaim Wasted Spends by Right-sizing Idle AWS Resources

Reclaim Wasted Spends by Right-sizing Idle AWS Resources

I get excited when I see Cloud Financial Management’s recommendations flagging idle and overprovisioned AWS resources ripe for optimization. By leveraging granular historical usage data and advanced analytics, this new service spots waste that was previously difficult to detect across massive cloud deployments. Just a small percentage of reclaimed cloud waste delivers six digit returns!

For large enterprises running thousands of instances and servers, it’s far too easy for unused test environments, stale workloads, and oversized capacity margins to hide in the shadows accruing unnecessary hourly charges. Multiply this waste across the entire organization and those unused EC2s represent real money left on the table.

Cloud Financial Management puts a stop to resource waste through ML-powered analytics that spotlight:

Low utilization instances with bursting needs met by auto-scaling
• Oversized instances where right sized alternatives save costs with no performance impact
• Non-production environments with minimal traffic impeding shutdown
• Database over provisioning based on highest usage periods

With these wasteful resources flagged, administrators receive actionable recommendations to right size or terminate resources aligned to actual usage patterns. Think about the savings generated from shutting down just 100 unused sizeable instances daily!

Ongoing Visibility Drives Continuous Optimization
Even better – Cloud Financial Management provides continual visibility into resource utilization rates so optimizations can become a standard operating procedure. The service assigns a waste score to each flagged instance or database to estimate savings upside from resizing or removing. Track waste scores over time as a key cloud efficiency metric along with actions taken.

Driving higher cloud efficiency saves enterprises big money. But more importantly, it facilitates sustainability best practices for the planet’s sake and clears budget for investing back into cloud innovation.

Want insights to right size your own AWS resource waste? Sign up to preview Cloud Financial Management today!

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