Future Projections and Roadmap for AWS Graviton Innovation in the Cloud

Future Projections and Roadmap for AWS Graviton Innovation in the Cloud

In just three generations since 2018, AWS Graviton processors achieved 2x greater performance at 60% of the cost of comparable x86 EC2 instances. Further sustained innovation promises to push efficiencies even higher.


Based on Graviton’s publicly announced roadmap and ecosystem investments, we anticipate several leapfrog improvements across next-generation chips:



ARM v9 Instruction Set Extensions


The upcoming ARMv9 architecture revision bakes in hooks for accelerating promising technologies like quantum and sparse computing at the silicon level. This future-proofing allows rapid adoption of new paradigms ahead of software maturity.



Increased Onboard Accelerators


Higher core counts expected but more importantly growth in the number of specialist math processors like Tensor and cryptography units integrated alongside main cores. Enables offloading niche tasks to tailored hardware.



Shifting Left on Security


Next-gen Graviton will integrate confidential computing capabilities allowing decrypting data only within the protected memory enclave. This facilitates privacy-preserving analytics on sensitive data.



Faster Interconnect Fabrics


Already leading in throughput compared to x86 equivalents, expect even lower latency links to storage, GPUs and networking without bottlenecks. Critical for tightly coupled cloud native apps.



Optimized Developer Toolchains


Expanded compiler support, debuggers and profilers that understand the Graviton architecture intricacies will simplify building high performing Arm applications.



We anticipate the price/performance advantages over x86 growing to 3x within a couple of years as more specialist workloads move to leverage Graviton acceleration. The innovations promise to displace legacy infrastructure much faster than anticipated.


What potential improvements are you most excited by? Share your thoughts!

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