Integrate Other AWS Cost Tools into Cloud Financial Management for 360 Degree Cost Visibility

Integrate Other AWS Cost Tools into Cloud Financial Management for 360 Degree Cost Visibility

I’m thrilled to see Cloud Financial Management neatly integrating with existing AWS cost governance services like AWS Cost Explorer and Billing Manager. By uniting capabilities into a centralized cost dashboard, enterprises gain a holistic 360 view into every aspect of cloud spend from raw billing data to granular instance metrics.

Instead of grappling with disjointed tools, all insights related to cloud finances funnel into Cloud Financial Management as the single source of truth going forward. This eliminates blindspots across services that limit optimization opportunities.

Automated Data Feeds Remove Manual Configuration

Key native integrations automatically sync:

AWS Cost and Usage Data – Feed raw line items into usage analytics
• Cost Explorer Rules and Reporting – Retain existing rules for consistency
• AWS Budgets – Centralize budget dashboards with alerts and forecasts
• Savings Plans Analytics – Optimization recommendations factor Savings Plan purchase guidance

Beyond these automated links, Cloud Financial Management also ingests data from any tags applied to resources across AWS services. This builds the foundation for ultra granular reporting.

Extensibility to Third Party Tools
APIs allow integration with adjacent financial systems like ERPs, CRMs, and business intelligence solutions to share data insights across enterprises systems. Develop custom connections to existing cost and billing platforms already relied upon by finance teams without disruption.

United Analytics and Controls
With all AWS cost data feeding into a single pane of glass, Cloud Financial Management ultimately connects previously disparate understandings of cloud usage, budgets, discounts, and waste. This enables IT Finance to implement comprehensive financial governance policies not possible with fragmented legacy tools.

Preview the power of a unified cost management experience today by enabling Cloud Financial Management!

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