Top Use Cases That Can Benefit from AWS Graviton Performance Gains

Top Use Cases That Can Benefit from AWS Graviton Performance Gains

The ARM-based AWS Graviton processors can accelerate a wide range of scale-out workloads that stand to benefit from optimized price/performance.


Based on real-world client deployments, here are the top 5 use case patterns that see significant gains from switching to Graviton:



  1. Web Serving and Reverse Proxy Fleets


Graviton instances can handle up to 30% more concurrent user requests before performance degradation thanks to consistent low latency. This allows right-sizing server capacity at lower costs.



  1. Microservices and Container Orchestration


Ability to spin up more containers per host lets development teams shift left on performance testing without inflating infrastructure budgets.



  1. Video Encoding and Graphics Render Farms


Specialist workloads with floating point and matrix math dependencies experience major speedups from Graviton-backed fleets.



  1. In-Memory Caching Tiers


Latency-sensitive caching layers like Redis and Memcached can scale to handle heavier throughput when running on Graviton instances.



  1. Data Ingestion Pipelines


The combination of sustained compute plus onboard data compression acceleration makes Graviton ideal for ingesting high velocity streams from IoT devices.



In addition, any scale-out application migrated from x86 to Graviton benefits from built-in architectural security advantages including run time memory protections.


Have a use case in mind? Get in touch to schedule a custom proof-of-concept demonstrating Graviton efficiency gains for your specific workloads.

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