Amazon S3 One Zone can benefit your businesses in several ways

Amazon S3 One Zone can benefit your businesses in several ways

Cost Savings: Read more about cost savings here.

– As S3 One Zone costs 20% lesser than S3 Standard-IA, it can lead to significant savings in cloud storage costs, especially for large volumes of data.

– The pricing is very cost-effective for uses cases involving frequent access of data.

– By storing data in a single AZ, infrastructure redundancy costs are reduced.



– Provides high throughput of over 500 requests per second and 2.2GB/s bandwidth. This performance can help improve application response times.

– Low first-byte latency accelerates data retrieval and uploads for time-sensitive workloads.


Use Case Fit:

– Well-suited for storing thumbnails, transcoded media files, analytics datasets and other secondary storage copies.

– Can be used as a data repository for AI/ML model training datasets that require high throughput.

– Provides an affordable storage location for backup copies that are accessed frequently.



– Despite using a single-AZ, One Zone offers 99.5% availability guarantees. Protection against hardware failure.

– The underlying S3 architecture provides strong integrity checks and redundancy for stored objects.


By using S3 One Zone for appropriate workloads, businesses can save storage costs while still getting good performance, reliability and ability to frequently access the stored objects. Our cloud advisers are available to advise you on how AWS can be a benefit to your business.

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