The key benefits of the new AWS Graviton4 processors

The key benefits of the new AWS Graviton4 processors

Here at we will support you to access the newest and most appropriate AWS technology for your business needs. The benefits of the new AWS Graviton4 processor includes:


– Improved performance – Graviton4 uses Arm Neoverse N2 cores based on 5nm manufacturing process, delivering up to 2x better compute performance over Graviton3 and nearly 3x over Graviton2. This results in faster application performance.


– Lower costs – The improved performance per CPU means you may be able to run workloads on smaller or fewer instances, reducing costs. Additionally, Graviton processors tend to cost less than comparable x86 processors. Read more about cost savings here.


– Energy efficiency – The 5nm architecture and Arm CPU design makes Graviton4 more energy efficient for the same performance level compared to x86 processors. This can reduce overall energy and environmental footprint.


– Dedicated encryption hardware – Graviton4 has dedicated encryption acceleration silicon which can deliver up to 2x better encryption performance over software-based encryption. This improves security and SSL/TLS performance. Read this post for information on security


– Broad ecosystem support – Graviton processors support ARM binaries, Docker images, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Golang, etc. So most applications can run without modifications. Optimized libraries, compilers and AMI images expand ecosystem further.


– Enhanced reliability – Graviton follows Arm’s 64-bit Armv8.2 architecture that has been tried and tested across smartphones, embedded devices which have enhanced resiliency against memory safety issues compared to x86.


In summary, Graviton4’s leading performance, cost savings and energy efficiency make it an ideal choice for modern cloud workloads running in AWS. One of our dedicated cloud advisors can introduce you to how can support your business to access these innovative technologies. Contact us button

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